About John and Juliana Aruna


            John + Juliana is a brand that is rooted from a place of love and admiration for my parents. My father, John Aruna was a well known architect in Sierra Leone, West Africa. He was a man of integrity, talent and love for others, especially his family. He also adopted many pets because of his deep desire to give everyone a home.

            My mother, Juliana Aruna, is a retired school teacher and principal. She has a big heart for people, especially young children. She designed and sewed the uniforms for the students at the school where she taught. She created one of a kind tie dye patterns and has taught many to express their creativity through design. To this day, she continues to do what she loves, sewing and designing.

            Most importantly the plus symbol references the cross in Christianity as it represents my faith in Christ Jesus. I recognize and appreciate the talent God has blessed me with and I hope to be a blessing to others as He leads me. 
            John + Juliana is an expression of how much I cherish, adore, respect my parents and hope of sharing God’s love to the world.  I hope you treasure your product(s) as much as I enjoyed creating them.


              Eden Aruna is the founder, CEO and lead artist of John + Juliana, LLC. Eden was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone to parents of John and Juliana Aruna. Eden and her family moved to the United States in 1997 in pursuit of the American dream. She grew up being inspired by her parents and their great achievements in life.

             Eden started her career in the healthcare field as an Occupational Therapy Assistant, however always inspired to be a designer just like her parents. As she practiced in the OT field, she also enrolled in Art school in Atlanta, Georgia later earning her BFA in Fashion Design and Marketing. During the same time she started her fashion forward brand. The company went through various names but rebranded as  John + Juliana after the passing of her father in 2017.

            Growing up in a household of artists, she became intrigued and inspired by textiles from around the world especially African wax prints and tie dye due to her rich African culture. Eden loves to use one of a kind prints and patterns which makes her designs unique. She is inspired by nature with all of its colors, shapes and texture. She works hard to build a great brand in hopes to inspire others to follow their God given gift. Eden loves to design and is extremely grateful each day that she has the opportunity to live her dream of being a fashion designer.