Product Care Instructions


Our accessories are often made of 100% African wax cotton, vegan leather and nylon. The outer most fabric is wax cotton and can be washed a few time in its lifespan. Place  in lukewarm water, add liquid soap and gently rub with hands and place in warm area to dry.

The inner lining and vegan leather are both water resistant not water proof which means It takes a few minutes to absorb spilled fluids and that allows time to wipe and clean before its absorbed.


Many of our clothing are made of 100% African wax cotton as well. The best way to keep its quality is to have it dry cleaned. However you can hand wash it in cool water with like colors and hang dry. Expect some shrinkage as it is 100% cotton. You are welcome to use other methods however be aware that it may tarnish the garment. Also do not bleach, it will ruin the color of the fabric.


Our tumblers are hand wash only. It is not dishwasher safe and can cause scratch marks which may destroy the pattern.